The book I love most is ...


by Neil Perry. It's an amazing food journey based on the creation of his award-winning restaurant in Sydney, with snippets on the people who have influenced his menu choices. Great read, recipes to die for, mouth-watering photography.

The book I'm reading right now is ... J.Edgar Hoover by Daniel Bates - I can't put it down.


The book I'd like to read next is ... The Penguin History of New Zealand by Michael King. I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to get around to reading this one.

My favourite bookshop is ... I enjoy hanging out in Whitcoulls Sylvia Park. Great to get the latest novels, cards and other bits and pieces, then "retire" upstairs to the cafe, have a coffee and read a magazine while the kids are off shopping. If it's an out-of-print book I'm looking for I go to Hard To Find books in Onehunga.

The book that changed me is ... The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. I read it early on and it made a huge impact on my life. I still browse it from time to time.

The book I wish I'd never read is ... I just read Life, Keith Richards' autobiography and though I enjoyed the story, it was a chore to get through. I read most of it on the plane trips round Australia; at times it was better than a sleeping pill and a Bloody Mary.

Simon Yandall appears with Meg Dangen on My Kitchen Rules, TV2.