A frittata is a kind of baked omelette, or a pie without a pastry case. You can put all sorts of things in them.


Finn and Harper cut 4 medium peeled potatoes into chunks.

2 They sliced 2 red peppers into strips.


3 They cut 4 big mushrooms into pieces and sliced 2 spring onions.

4 The potatoes were roasted in the oven until just cooked.

5 We pulled the leaves off some spinach stalks.

6 Now get a big bowl and break 10 whole eggs into it. Season well with salt and pepper. Beat these together.

7 Arrange the cooked potato chunks and all the other ingredients in a big solid pan or a baking tray.

8 Pour over the egg mix. You could add grated cheese.

9 Put into a moderate oven and bake until well set. When cooked, let it rest for a few moments to firm up.

Slice into pieces. Finn mixed together some sour cream and smashed garlic to serve with this.

The boys' salad

Using what they had, Finn and Harper ripped up some spinach leaves, sprigged some watercress, put in a few cooked beans, cut up the 1 tomato into small bits, cut up a yellow pepper into tiny squares, sliced the last of the spring onion bunch and grated some carrot. This was all tossed together and at home they would put a store-bought dressing over it.