This is a fantastic, quick and easy solution to that question: "What's for dinner?"


In one moment you can dice up some potatoes, add a bit of oil, salt and pepper and put them in a moderate oven.

2 Put the drumsticks in a baking dish, allow 2-3 per person. Glug over them sweet chilli sauce, soy or oyster sauce, citrus juice, a bit of oil and any or all of the following that you happen to have on hand: crushed garlic cloves, sliced fresh ginger, crushed lemon grass, fresh chillies (if you like it hot) slices of whatever citrus you have juiced.


3 Add the chicken dish to the oven and braise until the drums are cooked.

4 Meanwhile, make a salad. Mix any greens with fresh herbs such as mint and basil, fresh tomatoes and cucumber. Try to use a crunchy lettuce.

5 Serve it all in bowls on the table or plate it.

Left over drums are great the next day. Cook lots to use as snacks or sandwich filling. They also make excellent picnic food, but please remember to store them in a food-safe way.