If the most serious relationship you've had in a long time is with your iPhone, Black Berry or the remote control, this one is for you.

A ready reckoner of hotspots where you can hook up with the hotties of the world. Or someone lust-worthy at the very least.

Pub prowl:
While booze, brews and bubbly are huge players in the hook-up game, here's a word of caution. Though booze makes men look hotter, smarter and sexier, they don't call it the 'happy hour' for nothing. Hold yourself back from playing the alcohol-fuelled, queen of random relationships. Instead work smart and scan the room for an ideal specimen. Confidently meet the eyes of the man you fancy, flash him a smile. Play it slow and steady.

An apple a day:
Many guys are natural gadget lovers, and with new high-tech toys constantly being introduced, it may pay rich dividends to stop by a store selling all the latest goods. The vibe at the stores is normally conducive to meeting men - you could exchange notes, play the tech-savvy queen or play out your own version of the beauty and the geek. It's a great opportunity to strike up a conversation or just check out the good-looking merchandise around.

Office romance:
Who needs the adrenalin rush of bungee-jumping or sky diving when you can have a clandestine office affair. The secret thrill of getting caught eases the excruciating boredom of everyday office monotony. Those crazy hours, stressful atmosphere, Friday night drinks and secret rendezvous' only add up to the adrenalin rush.

Online dating:
A lot of lonely hearts have found their lovers with the click of a button. A lot can be achieved with the aid of spell check, photoshop and off-the-cuff one-liners.

Invite only:
Any soiree that requires an RSVP is a good opportunity to check out a potential paramour. There are plenty of networking groups who invite singles to concerts, games of tennis, cookery classes, book readings, wine tastings and cosy dinners. That's where the forty-year-old Rihana met her knight-in-shining armour who had just walked out of a twenty-year-old marriage and straight into her arms.

Speed dating:
Signing up for speed dating is a perfect springboard to mingle with a bunch of gents in one night. With wine, canapes and good chat there's a possibility of meeting your match. You have exactly eight minutes to make your first impression till you move on to your next suitor. Just enough time to figure out if they're you're type. The following day you'll be sent the contact details of the people that felt the same way as you did, so if there were sparks flying you can go back for round two.

Holiday romance:
It could happen in Bali, on a cruise liner or even whilst you are doing rescue work and realise the futility of life. There is something about holiday romances that provides a new opportunity to rendezvous with someone you'd never have the chance to meet in your day-to-day life. While holidaying in Thailand, 30-something Anna strategically placed her towel next to a bunch of volleyball playing Israeli boys. The cheeky move broke the ice and the pair have made the international romance work.

Gym bunny:
Amongst all the huffing and puffing at pump class or kickboxing, there's a market of men at work. Break the ice with a comment about the session or a compliment about their trainers. Put yourself out there while the endorphins are running through your body.