Construction of the world's biggest waterslide - a 650m monster on a hillside near Helensville, is proceeding quickly, with the first video of live crash-test guinea pigs just released.

The waterslide, the brainchild of Auckland men Jimi Hunt and Dan Drupsteen, will be open for the public to use during a two-day festival on February 23 and 24 as part of a festival to help combat depression and promote "living more awesome".

Funds raised will be used by the charity Live More Awesome.

In the video just published, the true awesomeness of the slides is displayed, with
Hunt and guest "Special Greg" from Nitro Circus trying out a 90m jump slide located right next to the World's Biggest Waterslide.


Hunt and Drupsteen say the Guinness Book of Records has no category for world's biggest waterslide, but they will be lobbying for such a record to start being recognised.

"We're a couple of Kiwi guys who like so many others have really suffered at hands of depression, said co-founder Dan Drupsteen earlier this month. " It was really tough, but having come out the other side we decided the best way for us to keep depression at bay was to 'Live More Awesome'. We hope this amazing project will encourage others to do the same and we want people to know it's ok to ask for help," he said.

Three slides are being built - the 650 metre long monster, along with two smaller ones - one 90 metres and another 60-metre "grandma slip'n'slide" for the more timid.

Hunt's previous adventures include riding a lilo down the Waikato River.

The men say Live More Awesome was based around the idea that if they continued to strive for better things and "live more awesome" then there was no way that depression would ever get them again. "So far it's working."

Through their online and social media presence, then men hope to connect those people to others with like minds and encourage people to have hobbies, do things rather than buying things and have fun.

"It's much easier to make a difference or be awesome when you have friends by your side".

People wanting to go to the slide, donate or help out can go here for tickets.