The man who is a part of your mornings now wants to become a part of your city.

The Hits radio presenter Martin Good, best known for breakfast show "Martin and Sarah", is standing to be a councillor at large for the Napier City Council.

He considered standing at the last election but talked himself out of it.

"This time I thought, 'if you have the qualities you should not sit on your hands but instead stand up'."


Mr Good says being a radio presenter has allowed him to be actively involved in the community, whether it be hosting or mc-ing at events.

"Often people come to us for help so we build a strong connection with members of our community."

He is not one to make "wild promises" but if elected, he would do everything possible to take Napier in a great direction, including continuing development on Marine Pde.

"I want to make it a place where our children can come back to later in life and be proud of it."

Mr Good and his family have lived in Napier for 15 years, with all three children attending local schools.

"Usually my job requires you to move around a bit but Sarah and I chose to stay based in the Bay ever since we moved here."

Mr Good has been on the board of trustees at both primary and senior school level and is the parent representative on the Napier Girls High School board of trustees.

"I have always wanted to help with the running of the schools and I think being on the board allowed me to do that."

Mr Good describes himself as an approachable person, a good listener and problem solver.

"I like to help others, so will roll up my sleeves and get stuck into any task I am given."