Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule and other community leaders accepted a challenge to receive an icy dunking as part of a viral campaign to aid cancer sufferers.

About 100 people turned out in Hastings CBD yesterday afternoon to watch eight people receive an icy dunking as part of the Polar Ice Challenge, organised by Flaxmere councillor Henare O'Keefe.

Mr O'Keefe, with Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule, Tukituki Labour candidate Anna Lorck, Hawke's Bay regional councillor Rex Graham and others, had iced water poured over their heads.

Mr Yule said the event was "a lot of fun". "The slower it [iced water] is poured over, the harder it is ... I'd do it again."


Mr O'Keefe said he was pleased with the challenge, which had "a wonderful spirit".

"The crowd certainly turned out and they all had a laugh at our expense."

Hastings district councillor Sandra Hazlehurst poured the buckets, with help from Hawke's Bay Magpies players.

"She enjoyed it a bit too much for my liking," Mr O'Keefe said.

The Ice Water Challenge is a viral Facebook campaign aimed at raising money for cancer charities.

When a person is tagged in the campaign on Facebook, they must do the Ice Water Challenge and donate $10 to a cancer charity, or, if they chose not to do the challenge, donate $100.

15 Jul, 2014 2:47pm
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Mr O'Keefe arranged his version of the challenge after his children tagged him. The shock was intended to simulate the sensations felt by those undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

"You're not really prepared for it. It cuts your breath off and gives you an insight into what our young ones go through."

The proceeds would be donated to Cranford Hospice.