No.5 Cafe and Larder's signature dish is called the "legless lamb with a twist".

The cafe's manager Johnny Duncan said the inspiration for the name is that the terrine is made with lamb foreshanks braised in a variety of stocks including red wine and brandy; the twist is the citrus kick that is received from the grapefruit shooter.

The dish consists of a braised lamb shank and mushroom terrine, grilled halloumi and an apple, fig, rocket and walnut salad, with a beetroot chutney and fizzy grapefruit shooter.

Head chef Daniel Angove designed the dish where the lamb shank is first braised in a concoction of stocks, red wine and brandy for six to eight hours on a low heat; then stripped and cooled. Once cooled it is broken down into small pieces and layered with oven-roasted mushrooms into a terrine dish. It is then weighted and left to set for 24 hours before being sliced and served.


Mr Duncan said the grapefruit shooter is designed to complement the flavours of the dish while cleansing the palate. It is to be consumed in small mouthfuls between each bite to pick up the subtle flavours of the halloumi, and the apple and fig in the salad, with each mouthful.

The dish uses five local ingredients and local suppliers.