A man has been arrested in connection to airgun shooting incidents in Hamilton - the latest involving a man being shot in the buttocks.

The 18-year-old was arrested and charged after police were called to Pizza Hut on Grey St last night when a man reported he was hit by a pellet to the buttocks as he was standing outside the eatery talking to a friend.

He did not need any medical treatment, but said he was "dazed and surprised" by what had happened, police said.

The man identified a house on the street, in the Claudelands area, where he thought the shot had come from and police found the teen inside.


Officers also discovered an air rifle with a scope and a stand, and pellets.

He was arrested and charged with the shooting and another of the same nature in the area on Christmas Eve, when a man standing outside Pizza Hutt was shot in the back.

A similar shooting just 45 minutes earlier, when a woman on River Road narrowly missed being hit in the face, was not thought to be connected and was not included in the charges.

The 18-year-old has been bailed and is due to appear in Hamilton District Court in early January.