Skittles are known for their quirky and offbeat advertisements - but the candy brand's Mother's Day-themed offering might just turn some viewers off the product for life.

The brand's newest 30-second US TV spot popped up online this week, and the set-up is simple: A mother and her doting adult son, sat together on a couch sharing a bag of skittles.

It's how they're sharing the snacks that makes the ad one of the grossest things you'll see this year.

Yes, mother and son are joined by the umbilical cord, meaning son can happily announce the flavour of each Skittle moments after mum puts them in her mouth.


The squishy umbilical sounds. The pair's creepy shared laughter. The delivery of the line 'I miss Dad' (did they eat him?). This ad will haunt you.

Skittles seem to have no qualms about associating their colourful candies with Cronenberg-esque body horror.

Previous campaigns have seen teens afflicted by the highly contagious condition 'Skittles Pox' and a depressed office worker lamenting the fact that everything he touches turns to Skittles.