While Nicole Kidman, 49, and Keith Urban, 49, are the picture of marital bliss, an ex of the country crooner has alleged she is being silenced by the couple.

In an interview with New Idea magazine this week, Keith's former girlfriend Angie Marquis claims Nicole's "controlling" team are behind stopping her from speaking about the singer.

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Angie, a Brisbane-based entertainer, dated Keith for two years and remained on good terms after they ended things.

But their friendship changed when Keith married Nicole in a high profile 2006 ceremony that she even attended, Angie alleges.


According to the Daily Mail, she claims the country singer banned her from talking about their relationship in public.

Keith also has allegedly stopped her from making a photo book about his early career in Australia.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted both Keith and Nicole's representatives for comment.

"I have said a few things about Keith [publicly] in the past and he got a bit funny with me," Angie told New Idea.

She doesn't believe that Keith is the problem however, instead pointing the finger at his actress wife's team.

"I think it's Nicole's publicity who are controlling that and get funny about things," Angie claimed.

Rather than be deterred by the couple, Angie said it has only made her more determined to share her side of the story.

"Maybe one day I'll write a book about it," she said.