The new partner of jilted bachelorette Fleur Verhoeven has launched a stinging rebuke against bachelor Jordan Mauger revealing he invited contestants on trips and publicly humiliated his partner.

Richard Wood has leaped to the defence of his girlfriend of 11 months saying she was treated disrespectfully by Mauger who continues to show no care for anybody other than himself.

Verhoeven, who won the prized diamond ring and heart of the bachelor, was unceremoniously dumped a day after the final show aired.

Today Wood blasted Mauger for revealing the final choice was made on a coin toss saying it added to ongoing humiliation.


Wood said he has watched his partner hold her tongue and keep any drama at a distance over claims that everyone involved was going through the motions and Mauger was forced to "be unreal" after neither Naz Khanjani nor Verhoeven won his heart.

Yet despite Mauger seeing no future or feelings for either women Wood says he encouraged contestants to sleep with him during and after the show.

"I can't help but remind myself of the times he did still decide to encourage girls for overnight stays, not only during the filming of the show, but also on a getaway trip for several nights after the main shows.

"If these truly were his feelings and he had no intent with any contestants, it would suggest to me that again he was thinking of himself only."

Wood says Mauger continues to show any lack of respect for others without care to anybody apart from himself.

"In my opinion Mauger dug his own hole and also bit the hands willing to feed him."

He said no amount of production engineering or editing could mask the shallow actions revealing a lack of respect and that led to a vicious public backlash against Mauger.

"From my standpoint Mauger's motives, self-respect and respect for others were all extremely shallow. He behaved in a very selfish way without much consideration to others. I believe Mauger publicly humiliated Fleur rather than take on humiliation himself derived from his own decisions. That is possibly why the New Zealand public turned on him."

He said throughout his partner had shown quiet strength and dignity.

"While Fleur has, I'm sure, had much she could say about people involved in the show and Mauger, she has never stepped over any lines. She's been responsible and held up the positive rather than stepping out over other peoples' feet for her own sake."

He said the latest revelations Mauger threw a coin to choose the winner heaped more public humiliation on his partner.

"And again I see him stating humiliating things which affect more than just one 'girl', in the name of selfishly trying to climb his own ladder again. "Flipping a coin"... some things are for yourself and not for the public. Again humiliating other people to in turn hopefully help yourself."

Wood also revealed the coveted diamond ring Mauger gave to Verhoeven would be going up for auction.

"I hope it does well as she deserves something from having to deal with the bitchiness and tantrums, which seem to have gone back and forth for too long."

He said Verhoeven was exactly like she was on the show and he considered himself "a lucky man".

You can read Wood's full post at his site