She's NRL star Benji Marshall's talented journalist wife who wants six children.

But on Wednesday, Zoe Marshall, 32, who suffers from endometriosis, admitted she had to go on an extreme diet to help her get pregnant according to Daily Mail.

'I went to on a radical Chinese program and you don't eat for two weeks to give your body an overhaul and help your organs regenerate,' she revealed on the Morning Show.

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This extreme Chinese detox, usually involves no food for two weeks - only the consumption of a herbal concoction - three times a day.


Zoe said she visited Dr Li at TCM Clinic and was very pleased with her results.

'I have to admit where I am with my endo is life-changing and we're in the first month of trying,' the presenter gushed.

In a letter to her younger self on Whimn, Zoe said trying for a baby has filled her with 'complete fear'.

'That spiteful clock is ticking and you know something's wrong with your body. You've known for years. Maybe it's even psychosomatic,' she wrote.

'Your periods aren't like other women. You pass out, you bleed through clothes - you will have the endometriosis removed twice.'

Zoe said before the Chinese program, she had 'tried it all' and seen professionals in a bid to conceive but did not have any success.

'To the detriment of your sex life you even force your husband with a raging flu to get the job done. Both of your heads turned aside trying not to connect. This is the turning point. IT HAS TO BE BETTER THAN THIS,' she said.

Zoe said people have also started to suggested IVF - something that 'terrifies' her but she is trying to not feel pressured.