Kiwi Star Wars enthusiast Kristy Glasgow is heading to an international Star Wars convention, where she will head a panel about female fashion in the science fiction franchise.

Glasgow will present the panel this week at the Orlando Star Wars Celebration, an official convention from Lucasfilm that celebrates the phenomenon of Star Wars.

"I'm going to talk about what fans have done to fill in the gaps, creating their own fashion and the idea of fan fashion as self-expression," says Glasgow.

Star Wars is a huge part of Glasgow's life, particularly at significant moments such as her engagement.


"A few years ago my husband and I travelled to Italy to visit the filming location of Villa del Balbianello, which is where Episode II scenes were filmed.

"While we were there, my husband proposed to me in the spot where Anakin and Padme were married, so that was really special.

"When we got married we had little touches in our wedding as well - the music from Episode II was playing at our reception, and little touches like that.

"It's just such a big part of our lives."

The Celebration runs in Orlando from April 13 to 16.