Journalists and presenters across the Twittersphere are banding together in support of Natasha Exelby, after she was reported to have lost her job after an on-air stuff up.

ABC24 host Exelby went viral on Monday after she was caught unaware by a cut back to the desk and got snapped messing around with a pen.

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The look of shock and panic on her face as she fumbled to get back on form sent her around the web, but shortly after the video spread, it was reported that Exelby had lost her job with the ABC.


It's since been reported that Exelby won't be fired but she will be off-air as punishment.

Regardless, reporters everywhere have been tweeting their own major stuff-ups in protest of Exelby's sacking, using the hashtag "Put your bloopers out".

Ten presenter Tracey Spicer admitted: "I fainted twice and said "f***" once. To paraphrase Billy Bragg: Reading live news is an Accident Waiting To Happen. #putyourbloopersout."

Between the accidental swearing, the dancing on set, the eating on set and wrongly announcing people to be dead when they're very much alive, these reporters prove that Natasha Exelby isn't alone.

The hashtag was started up by News Corp TV editor Holly Byrne, who put out a call for Aussie presenters to support Exelby.

Byrne led the charge by posting a popular blooper video of presenter Lee Lin Chin not quite managing to keep her desires in check.