A controversial dating show that films strangers as they undress each other and then passionately make out in bed has been labelled 'awkward' on social media, the Daily Mail reports.

The Australian show, Undressed, premiered on Monday night and saw two couples experience a somewhat unusual first date - prompted by a large digital screen.

The first pair saw Cam - who quickly admits to losing his sex drive in relationships and having a third nipple - and Pam engage in small chat before leaning in for a kiss.

And while they enjoyed the spirited stint of tonsil hockey, a number of viewers were quick to chime in on Twitter, slamming the show as 'garbage' and 'gross'.


"God watching people pash is gross," wrote one woman.

"Undressed needs to put clothes on, get a room, and do its awkward cr** in private. Nobody wants to see that garbage," said one man.

"Is there a cure for Undressed? I can't unsee what I am seeing," added another.

"Saw Undressed on SBS. What a manufactured, artificial, soulless piece of trash TV. Yuck," wrote one man.

Some people saw the new show in a different light, taking to Twitter to commend SBS for being "intriguing" and "funny".

"I actually quite like it haha it's awkward, funny, but so good to already see different backgrounds, shapes," wrote one woman.

Within 30 seconds of meeting each other in a big room featuring a bed and a television screen, Cam and Pam were asked to undress each other.

It was a sexy start, with both admitting to checking the other one out as they stripped down to their underwear.

'It feels pervy to check Pam as I'm undressing her,' Cam told the camera. 'But it's hard not to.'

However Pam seemed unfazed. 'He better be checking me out!' she said, when asked about it.

Soon the couple appeared more comfortable with each other - having fun and sitting on the bed next to each other.

And things took a humorous turn around halfway through their 30-minute date, when Cam revealed something his date wasn't expecting: his third nipple.

The 30-year-old confessed to his date that he had a third nipple, away from his chest.
'I wouldn't usually get my third nipple out on a first date,' he revealed.

As the 'date' progressed, the couple got closer, giving each other back massages, taking about sex, and even making out.

At the end of the date the pair were given the choice to pick if they wanted to see each other again, and both chose yes.

There is currently no airdate for the show here.