Justin Timberlake's son may be less than two years old, but he's already making his father proud.

When the singer swung by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, he joked that his 19-month-old Silas is 'a genius' for instantly knowing 'all the characters' to his father's new film Trolls.

He dished that his son 'dances around the house' and 'keeps up with all the words to Can't Stop The Feeling,' Timberlake's song from the animated musical comedy.

Silas is, in fact, rather fond of the entire film. As the 35-year-old told DeGeneres, the toddler opted to dress up as a Troll for Halloween.


Timberlake's wife Jessica Biel, who welcomed their son last April, posted an Instagram picture this week of the entire family dressed as characters from the film.

The 7th Heaven actress was Princess Poppy, who in Trolls is voiced by Anna Kendrick. Her husband reprised his turn as the glum Branch, and their one-year-old was adorably decked out as 'lil branch.'

When the chat show hostess showed the snapshot to her audience, they burst into applause.

'He was not feelin' his wig,' the Rock Your Body singer confessed. 'He doesn't need his wig,' said the 58-year-old. 'He's got a huge set of hair!'

Ellen also showed a photo of the moppet scampering across the grass at what Timberlake referred to as 'our golf course.'

'Can he putt or anything?' inquired the wife of Portia De Rossi, to which the Suit & Tie singer replied: 'He sort of likes to just chase the ball down when I put it.'

Once the conversation got to Silas' singing ability, his father did get a bit bashful. 'I don't know, I feel like I'm, like, that guy who's just bragging on his kid on national television, but he's pretty rad.'

After calling him 'kinda smart. He's kinda smart, you guys,' he did scale back a bit, laughing: 'He didn't get that part from me.'

There was also a bit of a disagreement between guest and hostess when it came to the actual lyrics of the song.

DeGeneres related: 'When the song first came out, and I had some friends over, and Portia and I, and we were all dancing, and Justin was kind enough - '

'Not drinking,' the What Goes Around...Comes Around singer interjected. The Metairie native continued: '...kind enough to send me the tequila that he makes, that we did not have any of,' she said sardonically.

As she described it, 'we were singing and dancing and I decided to send him a video of me singing - it's really high! When it goes: "Can't stop the feeling!"'

'My favorite was,' he said, 'you were like: "Just electric! Just electric! Just electric!" I was like: 'That's...that's not...that's not the words.'

Though the Finding Nemo actress insisted he was wrong, and he did throw her a bone, saying that 'I should have written: "It's just electric!"', he clarified: 'It pretty clearly says: "Just imagine."'

A laughing DeGeneres was gobsmacked, and even got a couple of audience members to admit they'd made her mistake. Yet when the relevant verse played in the room, it was, indeed, quite apparent the singer was right.

Expounding on Trolls, he said: 'One of the perks of doing this film was I got to stream it early at a "fan screening" for my son, and he already knows all the characters. I mean, he's like, he knows, like, 12 different characters. He's a genius. I don't...he really is. You can clap for him.'