Alan Morrison and Rowan Bettjeman present the most awkward television moments of the week.

Mike Hosking's banter with Toni Street on Seven Sharp took a few awkward turns this week.

The first incident, caught by Watch Me's Media Ocre team, occurred when Street mentioned she'd recently caught up with her first high school ball partner, a man called Luke.

"You blow him a kiss or something, remember those good times Luke, ring me Luke, tell me about prom night," Hosking teased his co-host.

Then he said: "I heard the rumours about you in the old days on those hay bales."


That's not the only time Hosking's verbal banter with Street veered into dangerous territory this week.

It came when the pair were sharing details about a recent barbecue at Hosking's house attended by Street.

"You've been round to my place. You've eaten my barbecue food. You ate a lot of my barbecue food. Last time you came round, whoa, couldn't stop you," said Hosking.

Street replied: "I am a meat lover. I'm not going to apologise for that."

Hosking: "Anti that the truth. We needed a bigger barbecue."

Watch the clips in the latest episode of Media Ocre below: