Julia Sloane's use of an offensive and racist slur against her Real Housewives of Auckland co-star Michelle Blanchard has been condemned by viewers.

The controversial episode of the Bravo reality series aired last night and showed Sloane calling Blanchard a "boat-n*****" while the show's four stars took a boozy luxury boat trip together in Queensland.

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Bravo posting a warning before the show aired that read: "We gave a lot of consideration to ensure events are represented accurately. We feel it is important for the remark and subsequent events to be seen in context for viewers to be able to understand the incident and subsequent events."


Sloane has apologised for using the term, calling it an "off-camera and off-the-cuff inappropriate comment which caused hurt to Michelle".

"I wasn't thinking, I made a mistake and I have apologised several times to Michelle for my remark. There is no excuse for using offensive words under any circumstances and I have learned from this foolish mistake."

Blanchard responded: "I think it's important for everyone to realise the tremendous hurt that can be caused by a carelessly offensive remark. I hope Julia has learned a valuable life lesson. I wish her no ill will, and we now have a professional working relationship. It's onwards and upwards for me. "

But after the episode aired, viewers quickly condemned Sloane and said she needed to do more than apologise.

"I've never heard anyone use that word in New Zealand. Old boating term? Yeah right!" wrote one viewer on Facebook.

"Your apology was ridiculous!! Didn't seem sincere one bit," said another.