Readers were quick to roll their eyes over the Chainsmokers' latest interview where they discussed everything from how the world wants to copy them to the size of their penises.

The EDM duo recently graced the cover of Billboard magazine's September 24 issue and boy was it cringe-worthy.

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The New York native duo exploded onto the music scene in 2016 and is on the verge of hitting their third double-platinum album this year, however, they could learn a lesson in humility.


The interview started with the younger of the pair, 26-year-old Drew Taggart.

"We rage every night," he said. "My mum's going to hate reading that but she already knows."

Billboard described the other half of the duo Alex Pall as a person with "bed head and neck scruff" and labelled him as a "bon vivant" or, in other words, a person who devotes themselves to a sociable and luxurious lifestyle.

If you've paid a visit to the Chainsmokers website you would've seen a quote in their bio: "17.34 inches ... think about it ..."

Luckily, Billboard clarified this with Pall who explained it was in reference to the combined sizes of their penises tip to tip.

They're proud of that too, "even before success, pussy was number one," Pall said.

They're the epitome of the college "bro" culture and are adamant that they don't tailor their music to make hits.

"We're just frat bro dudes, you know what I mean? Loving ladies and stuff," Pall said.

They're suffering from an abundance of good problems too but one thing they are annoyed about is people not taking them seriously or thinking they're a con.

"We're literally going for our third double-platinum this year," Pall said.

Alex Pall, left, and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers, perform with Halsey at the MTV Video Music Awards. Photo / AP
Alex Pall, left, and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers, perform with Halsey at the MTV Video Music Awards. Photo / AP

"Only Justin Bieber and Drake can hold a candle to what we've done," referring to the only two artists of 2016 who have had more top 10s.

The guys clearly took note of Bieber's hit Love Yourself.

Another thing the duo love is that some of the world's biggest acts are now giving them respect - after an early career filled with rejection.

"It feels good when those people are like...thirsty," Pall said.

"Now we're influencing the industry, putting out songs everyone copies."

The musical duo is on top of the world and on top of the charts. Their three tracks of 2016 including Roses, Don't Let Me Down and the newest Closer have all been huge.

In describing their style and why they've been so popular the boys hit the nail on the head.

"It's like if LMFAO just started making...the illest s**t and stopped dressing like idiots."

On their recent performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, Taggart admitted "it sounded like s**t".

"We were told my voice was going to be mixed well, but there was no reverb and it was way louder than the track for the broadcast. I was set up to fail. Nearly every other person lip-synced it, and we knew because we had them in our ears. So now I know why you lip-sync."

Twitter blew up after the interview with many Chainsmokers fans writing the duo off.

The Chainsmokers are apparently furious following the Billboard interview sending out a series of tweets defending themselves.

It's anyone's guess how the interview actually went but we'd recommend approaching the interview with a drink in hand. Don't expect to party as hard as the Chainsmokers though.

"You'll never see us getting carried out of a club. We're way too good at drinking."