The creator of Grease has weighed in on a fan theory that Olivia Newton John's character Sandy was actually dead during the movie.

Fans have been discussing a conspiracy theory that Sandy actually drowned at the beach at the beginning of the film and the rest of the movie is actually her fantasising about what would happen if she survived.

The theory takes its cues from a few moments in the film: The line Danny (John Travolta) sings about saving Sandy's life when she "nearly drowned" at the beach, the crew singing We'll Always Be Together at the end and the part where Danny and Sandy's car flies into the clouds.

However Grease creator Jim Jacobs who wrote the book and music with Warren Casey has debunked the theory, saying the person who came up with the idea "must have been on acid."


"Sandy was very much alive," he said, according to People magazine.

Given there is a whole sequel, Grease 2, which focuses on Sandy's cousin coming to Rydell High it appears that this 'dead Sandy' theory is just an example of the internet's overactive imagination.