Duncan Garner and Heather du Plessis-Allan have addressed rumours that Paul Henry is taking over their show in the scariest possible way.

The pair opened last night's episode of Story by wearing masks of Henry, a reference to reports the morning host is set to move into their 7pm slot.

The Weekend Herald reported Henry was set to move from his morning show to the 7pm slot, with Garner moving to mornings.

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The report came after TVNZ confirmed Hilary Barry and Jack Tame would replace Rawdon Christie and Nadine Chalmers-Ross next month in a bid to boost Breakfast's ratings battle against Paul Henry.

Henry addressed the report on Monday morning, denying any changes were taking place.

"It's not true at all. I have on many occasions been offered 7 o'clock, not just by this network but by the opposition network, TVNZ, who practically begged me to do it," he said. "On every occasion I said no, because I don't want to do it."

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Garner and du Plessis-Allan also addressed the rumours on Story from behind those masks.

"This is the new-look Story. Really hope you like it," said du Plessis-Allan.

"Facts used to kind of matter in reporting, didn't it?" continued Garner. "You're stuck with us for a little bit longer yet, well we think so anyway."

* Watch last night's episode of Story here.