If you ask two people to name the best show of 2016 so far, you're gonna get two different answers.

But if you go ahead and ask a bunch of people that exact same question, aggregate their answers and then use the combined power of mathematical formulations and outlawed black magic to apply a convoluted and mysterious system of weighted averages to those picks well... then you're gonna get something approaching a consensus.

This is basically the system that review aggregating website Metacritic uses to come up with their rankings and ratings.

After assigning a score Metacritic then uses that information to collate a chart, allowing users of the site to easily see which media countless critics are collectively raving about.


With this in mind we visited the site's television charts to see which shows are currently on top.

So if you're looking for something to watch this weekend why settle for anything less than one of the critically aggregated 'best' shows of 2016?

Drum roll please.

No. 5: Silicon Valley

Metascore: 90 - based on 15 critics
User score: 8.9 - based on 133 Metacritic users
What is it? A brilliant and subversive HBO comedy that follows a ramshackle tech start up company and their attempts to bring their game changing app to market.
One critic's review said: "Silicon Valley remains one of the best comedies on television."
Our critic's review said: "The show has quickly become one of the best comedies on the box."
Where can you watch it? Sky currently has no plans to add it to their streaming service Neon, but season 3 will screen on Sunday September 18 on SoHo as part of their themed 'Box Set' weekends.

No. 4: The People vs O.J Simpson: American Crime Story

Metascore: 90 - based on 45 critics
User score: 8.4 - based on 275 users
What is it? A star-studded dramatisation of the real life O.J Simpson murder trial that focuses heavily on how the opposing lawyers handled the case that polarised America.
One critic's review said: "Riveting entertainment. Just as with the original trial, it's hard to stop watching."
Our critic's review said: "It's impossible to resist the compulsion to watch it all over again."
Where can you watch it? Again, SoHo's catch-up themed weekends have your back. This time it's September 3, aka 'Box Set Saturday', to look out for.

No.3: The Night Of

Metascore: 90 - based on 40 critics
User score: 9.3 - based on 194 users
What is it? A gripping courtroom drama that stars John Turturro as a schlub lawyer representing Pakistani American teenager Nasir Khan who may or may not have murdered a young lady during an intoxicated night of passion.
One critic's review said: "As complicated and layered as life itself, The Night Of is an instant classic."
Our critic's review said: "The Night Of is quality beyond all reasonable doubt"
Where can you watch it? Weekly episodes are being fast tracked on Sky's Soho channel, but the series has also just been made available to binge on Neon.

No. 2: The Americans

Metascore: 95 - based on 28 critics
User score: 8.8 - based on 168 users
What is it? Suspense filled drama created by former CIA man Joe Weisberg about two KGB operatives posing as husband and wife in Ronald Reagan's America.
One critic's review said: "Startling in its intensity and in its endless probing intelligence - not to mention the raw suspense that hangs over every moment of every scene."
Our critic's review said: Nothing... It appears The Americans has so far slipped under the radar of our critics.
Where can you watch it? Seasons 1-3 are available to stream at your convenience on Lightbox.

No. 1: O.J: Made In America

Metascore: 96 - based on 21 critics
User score: 7.6 - based on 87 users
What is it? A 'historically meticulous' five part documentary that charts O.J Simpson's life, rise to fame and, of course, the grizzly murders of his ex-wife Nicole and Ron Goldman and the subsequent trial.
One critic's review said: "A troubling, provocative, and insightful masterwork of psychology and sociology."
Our critic's review said: "Um, we really must get round to watching this..."
Where can you watch it? Strangely, the show was made by sports channel ESPN. But you can stream it via WatchESPN, which is available through SKYGO. It will also be replayed on ESPN from next Tuesday.