New Zealanders got another peek into the lives of those at Gloriavale last night, thanks to the third instalment in local documentary series.

Some viewers were excited to see more of the reclusive South Island religious commune, while others were instantly offended by TV2's Gloriavale: A Woman's Place.

This time around women and their roles in the community were the focus.

The episode - which is the third in an ongoing documentary series - followed Dove Love, a 22-year-old kitchen manager and the preparation of her marriage to 17-year-old apprentice builder Watchful Stedfast.


Those watching took to Twitter as Gloriavale: A Woman's Place aired on TV2, to share their reactions. Many quickly warmed to Dove Love who was at the centre of the doco.

One Twitter user compared Gloriavale's controversial marital traditions to TV3's The Bachelor NZ.

While some were shocked at by the women, who mainly worked in the kitchen and on laundry duties, being encouraged to be "openly submissive", others had more pressing things on their mind:

Then there was that kiss.

And what took place after the marriage ceremony.

* Watch the latest instalment of Gloriavale here.