Kylie Jenner's been spending a lot of time hanging out with Kiwi model Cassidy Morris lately, and our accent's starting to rub off on her.

Well, kind of. Jenner and Morris recently took to Snapchat for a bit of fun, and in one of the video clips, Jenner tries to put on a Kiwi accent.

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It's pretty awful and it sounds more British than anything, but hey, at least she gave it a shot.


You can see the video - including more of the pair messing around on Snapchat - here from ZM:

Jenner and Morris have been hanging out together for a little while now, with Morris first appearing in a Snapchat post from Jenner's ex Tyga's private jet, and more recently in an Instagram post with Jenner.

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Morris is originally from Whangaparaoa in Auckland, but recently moved to Los Angeles to further her modelling career - and it looks like she's a made a powerful friend in the process.