Rapper Mac Miller has celebrated the reissue of his Best Day Ever mixtape by sharing a video of Donald Trump rapping to Miller's hit song Donald Trump.

Miller shot to stardom with the 2011 single, which was written to demonstrate his dislike of the now presidential candidate.

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Trump later threatened to sue the rapper for royalties for use of his name, and in turn, MIller took to Twitter with his response: "Just please don't elect this motherf****** man".


Now, Miller's edited together audio from speeches Trump has given and set it to the track from Donald Trump, along with video footage which shows Trump dancing to Drake's Hotline Bling, arguing with himself and pulling stupid faces.

Miller has been vocal in his opposition to Trump in the past, most recently speaking on the Nightly Show in March to tell Trump how much he hates him.

"You're lowering the bar for our nation's intelligence, your only goal is to stay in the spotlight, no matter how much it fuels the fire of hate groups ... the messed up thing is, I don't even know if you're evil," Miller said.

"I think you're just such an ego maniacal, attention-thirsty, psychopathic, power-hungry, delusional waste of skin and bones that you'll do, say or allow anything if it means you'll just get one more minute in the limelight."

The video is merely one in a trend of cutting up speeches to create songs.

Most recently, Bernie Sanders got a remix to Kanye West's Power, and Obama has been given the treatment many times, singing to Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe, Michael Jackson's Thriller and Drake's Jumpman, to name a few.