There were fiery scenes as the cast of The Bachelor NZ reunited for the Women Tell All special. Here are just some of the things we learned.

The Bachelorettes make for awkward live telly

Mike Puru had his work cut out for him getting more than three words out of some of the girls, asking a series of open-ended questions to try and coax them along.

We can only imagine how hard the series' story producers must have worked to elicit video diaries from some of the contestants.

Claudia is... just... wow

When asked if she was upset to leave the show, Claudia brought it all back to her favourite topic: Tanning.

"I wasn't that upset I wasn't going to Hawaii. People were like 'oh that sucks you didn't get to go to Hawaii' but I go to Hawaii every year. I was just there in January actually. And I'm already tanned so I don't need to tan in Hawaii."


Naz is one bad ass mother who don't take no crap off of nobody

Naz may have revealed her softer side to Jordan but she was back in warrior mode as soon as she took her place in the hot seat.

"Let's be honest, everyone's got a hit list. I just chose to vocalise mine," she began.

When Kate questioned how she had ended up on the hit list, having never spoken to Naz, the brunette fired back: "I actually did speak to you in the mansion, don't talk shit."

An audience member then heckled, calling Naz a bitch, sparking this fiery response.

"Do you want to come here and say it? I dare you, I f***ing dare you. You guys have no f***ing idea what it's like because you weren't in my shoes."

There's no love lost between Kate and Naz

Or Naz and Anna, Ceri, Gabs or Storm. Safe to say, Naz has an ability to rub people the wrong way. Whether it's her fellow contestants or the live studio audience.

Kate accused Naz of primary school behaviour, while Ceri suggested her hit list was simply an attention-seeking ploy.

"She knew it would grab the media's attention and it did."

Even when trying to explain her feelings for Jordan, Naz's pottymouth ran wild: "What we had was real. What we had was genuine. You know it, I know. I don't give a f*** if these people know it."

The girls didn't know he was an actor

Ceri was the first to call out Jordan and ask why they weren't told he was an actor.

But before he could answer, Naz interjected: "Why weren't you more open about the fact you only came on the show because you wanted to be on Dancing With the Stars?"

Rebecca tried pin him down again, asking why he didn't tell her - even after she had revealed that she had a background in acting.

"I would have loved to have told you all but there are certain things that I didn't feel important to tell you and that was one of them."

Shari for president

She was sent home for not taking the show seriously and she continued to flout the rules to the bitter end.

When asked about Naz's hit list, she declared: "It's ridiculous, the hit list, but the whole show is ridiculous."

Amen sister.