It's been a strange couple of weeks in the NZME carpark. War broke out between NewstalkZB breakfast newsreader Bernadine Oliver-Kerby and ZM morning crew host Vaughan Smith over coveted carpark space number 16.

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The two have been racing each other every morning for the park and when Smith got there first last week he later discovered a sticker on his window featuring a unicorn excreting pink cupcakes.

He vowed revenge but before he could unleash hell, Oliver-Kerby pranked him again by attaching a bright orange road cone to the front of his car, a discovery he only made after he had driven home from work.


"Who knew one innocent little unicorn could spark such a fuss. I mean, who doesn't like unicorns and cupcakes?" Oliver-Kerby told Spy. "Neither the unicorn nor the cupcakes deserved the tirade unleashed by Vaughan. As for the road cone I cable-tied to Vaughan's car - it's a safety feature. I've seen him drive."

Vaughan enlisted his whole team to try to get Bernie back but was quickly foiled. Meanwhile, Bernie struck again, sticking an L-plate to his car.