In the internet's heyday of the late 90s, Scott Dunlap was a product/marketing executive and had the following exchange with his boss:

Boss: Make it happen.

Me: What you're asking us to do is physically impossible given the constraints of today's technology.

Boss: Maybe you didn't hear me. I told you to make it happen.


Me: I get that you are holding the bar high for us, but this is crazy. In fact, you are crazy. You are narcissistic, juvenile, crude, conniving, sexist, and lacking any ethical boundaries whatsoever. You are crazy! Yet somehow you consider that combination of attributes to be your leadership style. You are seriously f ***** up, like, in a need-a-strait-jacket sort of way.

Boss: [pause] You forgot "rich".

He went on to the next meeting with a smile. :-)


Any advance on $13.99?
Any advance on $13.99?

Time for herstory

Alice Brine writes on Facebook: "Every time I see another one of these news stories come out about sexist, offensive slogans in NZ advertising, it just reminds me of how much of a difference it would make if we learned women's studies at schools. Just some basic education around the history of women's oppression. Basic stuff at a young age is undeniably valuable and the evidence is clear in the fact that things like this are still happening and people are still struggling to understand why it's wrong ... Before you go off on a 'what about men's studies?' rant, we already did learn that: it's called all of history."

Texting your way to jail

Texting while walking may soon become an actual crime in New Jersey. According to Death and Taxes the "distracted walking" law would not only ban texting while walking, but require everyone to use hands-free attachments on their electronic devices if they wish to walk and talk. "Distracted pedestrians, like distracted drivers, present a potential danger to themselves and drivers on the road," said state assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt. The proposed penalty would be a fine of up to US$50 and/or 15 days in jail. And you really don't want "texting while walking" to be your answer to the question "what are you in for?"

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