The Bachelor bid farewell tonight to another New Zealand beauty, 27-year-old marketing manager Lara but it was a shock announcement by Nicole that had audiences gasping.

The 24-year-old veterinarian shocked the Bachelor and the viewers with her announcement to leave the show.

The blond beauty cited personal circumstances and a "distraction at home" as the driving force behind her decision.

Another moment that had audiences gasping but for another reason entirely was the moment Jordan denied Naz a kiss.


Determined to get some alone time, "nasty" Naz warned the women she would be the next to spend some one on one time with Jordan.

The feisty brunette got her wish taking Jordan aside to ask if the duo could have a "Notebook" moment.

A confused bachelor asked what she meant by a "notebook" moment and was taken aback when Naz announced she wanted a kiss.

As the others looked on, Jordan denied Naz saying it was not appropriate timing. Naz seemed unfazed by his refusal.

It also didn't seem to put Jordon off Naz, selecting her as the second bachelorette to receive a rose.

Meanwhile, Lara and Kate were left to the final decision where an overjoyed Kate was given the final rose.

Earlier in the evening Naz, Nicole and Gab were chosen to go on a group date, joining Jordan on a quad biking adventure and then zip lining.

Naz doubled on the quad bike with Jordan while the other two rode solo.

Before that Fleur was the lucky lady chosen to join Jordan on a fiery date at the edge of a volcano.

The duo were met by a Hawaiian local who shared a story of love and jealously resulting in one of member of a love triangle being turned into a tree.

Fleur, whose story-telling skills impressed Jordan, was given a rose and a smooch after the date.

As week four draws to a close 11 girls are left vying for the heart of the bachelor.