Scott Disick has defended his decision to continue drinking after leaving rehab.

The 32-year-old father-of-three entered a treatment facility last year for many different reasons including an addiction to sleeping medication and insisted that he does not have a problem with alcohol.

He told PEOPLE: "The truth is I never lied and said that I was never going to have a beer again. I never said I was never going to have a cigarette again. I never lied and said I was never going to go to the beach again. I never lied and said I was not going to be around my friends and their girlfriends and girls and friends.

"I mean, I went in for a lot of different reasons. My biggest thing was that I was very addicted to sleeping medication. And now, it's fine.


"I drink responsibly. I have a couple drinks with my friends when I'm out just like anyone else."

Scott was pictured on vacation in Mexico recently, drinking alcohol and surrounded by a bevy of beauties but insists that he can do what he wants as he and his ex Kourtney Kardashian have not rekindled their romance.

He said: "I was down there hanging out like any other single 32-year-old guy would be.

"The truth is I just to live my life and I want to have a little happiness and a little balance.

The truth is rehab did help me and now I'm just trying to be responsible. I'm not out here trying to get wasted, but you know what, I will have a beer on the beach. I'm not doing drugs, I'm not doing anything insane, so I think people just need to relax ... I just want to try to live my life."

"I'm not sure I can stay home every single night at 32 years old and be sane. In the end, I'm trying to live my life. I'm trying to live it healthy. I'm trying to be there for the people I love, which is Kourtney and kids, but you know what, we're not together."

- BANG!Showbiz