All Black pin-up Malakai Fekitoa has split with his partner Caroline McNaught.

Confirmation of the split comes four days after Fekitoa went public on social media about the fact he had a "huge problem with anger".

Fekitoa and McNaught were one of the glamour couples on the red carpet at high-profile events in the months leading up to the Rugby World Cup, where the 23-year-old midfielder played two tests during the pool-play phase of the All Blacks' victorious campaign.

Fekitoa's agent, Bruce Sharrock, would not comment on the end of the relationship.


On Wednesday the 23-year-old rugby star posted in a message to his 173,000 fans on Instagram: "I've got a huge problem with anger. I don't handle some situations very well on and off the field.

"I get really angry sometimes and flip out so I would like to apologise publicly to any of you if I ever said something really hurtful to you at home, on the field and through social media. I'm ashamed and regretful, Lesson learnt.

"I suggest that no matter how old you are or who you are, whatever it is, you need to speak to someone about it. Your feelings and what's inside you. It's never bad until it will cost you. #CallOutForHelp".

Speaking to Radio Sport on Friday, Sharrock said the post was not related to any single event and was part of the Highlanders star's attempt to become a "better man".