Last month, Kiwi stuntwoman and actress extraordinaire Zoe Bell launched The Hateful Eight, alongside good pal and director Quentin Tarantino.

Next month, Bell jumps saddles from being Six-Horse Judy in the wild west to the South American jungle, when her new thriller movie, Camino, hits theatres on March 4.

Bell plays leading lady Avery Taggert, an award-winning photo journalist who, in 1985, accepts a job in Colombia filming a religious guerrilla force.

During a drug deal, Taggert witnesses the murder of a child by the group's leader and gets framed.


The trailer for the movie, featuring Bell jumping from trees with a 30cm knife and slashing her way to freedom, has led to the Kiwi actress being dubbed in overseas media as "the female Rambo".

It is directed by Josh Waller, who first collaborted with Bell in Raze. Bell spent a week filming in Hawaii last year then continued to film scenes for The Hateful Eight, before returning to Hawaii to finish shooting in June.

In April, Bell has another movie hitting screens, a sci fi time-travel thriller called Paradox, directed by British director Michael Hirst. Bell plays the lead as a scientist working with a team on a time machine.

We are proud to see her slashing and kicking ass in Hollywood, showing she can do her own stunts and carry acting roles in dual capabilities.