Other than starring in David O. Russell films, in recent years seven-time Oscar nominee and two-time winner Robert De Niro has taken to appearing in lightweight films reassuring baby boomers they're relevant, and can still party large.

First was Last Vegas (The Hangover for oldies), then The Intern (retirees offering plenty for the younger generations), and now Dirty Grandpa, a road trip that shows grandparents can drink, fight and talk dirty with the best of them.

It's a buddy story between grandfather (De Niro) and grandson (Efron). Efron is Jason, an uptight, preppy and ambitious lawyer about to marry his boss' daughter (Hough). De Niro is Dick, a perverted former army officer who, after burying his wife, drags a reluctant Jason as wingman on a road trip to spring break in Florida. Turns out, Grandpa is set on getting laid.

If you think you've heard some outrageous lines from Seth Rogen or Mark Wahlberg and his mate, Ted, prepare yourself for the next level. The dialogue, thick and fast, is filled with colourful descriptions of his grandson and his car (a pink mini borrowed from his fiancee), dirty flirting, and racist and homophobic slurs.


Director Dan Mazer throws as much comedy at us as possible, rather than giving it time and attention to make sure it works - but that doesn't stop the cast from giving it all they've got.

De Niro throws himself into the role which involves masturbation, drug taking, and getting his grandson into trouble. In De Niro's hands this is shockingly naughty rather than offensive.

Efron handles his sidekick role as well as he can; well, as much as a naked man on a beach with a soft toy tied to his privates can. Aubrey Plaza puts in a standout performance as college student Lenore, who has a thing for older men and sets her sights on Dick - and her sparring with De Niro is one of the few highlights.

Though there are some polite, heartfelt moments about living life to the full, Dirty Grandpa is an arrangement of outrageous lines and sight gags for those who like their comedy crude, if somewhat pointless.

Movie: Dirty Grandpa
Cast: Robert De Niro, Zac Efron, Julianne Hough
Director: Dan Mazer
Running Time: 102 mins
Rating: R16 (sex scenes, violence, drug use, offensive language & nudity)
Verdict: De Niro gives it all he's got, but loose direction lets him down.