David Farrier has quit as TV3's entertainment reporter and Newsworthy host. We take a look back at some of the weirdest things he's done during his time at the network.

1. Searched for the Mongolian death worm

In 2009, David Farrier took leave at TV3, and with a documentary crew in tow went search of the Mongolian Death Worm, a fabled 1.5-metre-long creature that may or may not live in the Gobi Desert. He spent his own money on the search, which proved to be fruitless - but he's still a believer. "I'm completely convinced, I just think it's extinct. The desert is much drier now and everyone who had seen one was in their 80s, one old man told us how a worm chased him into his gher (tent)," Farrier told the Herald last year.

2. Had a sauna with Colin Craig

Farrier wanted to make a splash when he started hosting TV3's late-night news show Newsworthy, so he started The Sauna Sessions. Once a week, he sat in a sauna and interviewed a newsmaker. The first was Colin Craig. The results were brillianty awkward and hilarious.

3. Got a pet bird

It was love at first sight for Farrier when he set eyes on Keith. It didn't last long. Read all about his relationship with his noisy pet conure here, in this confessional titled, "A Loveless Marriage I Can't Escape".

4. This interview with Gene Simmons

It start with the Kiss front man combing Farrier's hair. It ends with Simmons demanding the interview go for longer, before thanking himself for being such a great subject. Brilliant.


5. Farrier's falsetto sign-offs

One of the best things about Farrier's entertainment reports were his sign-offs at the end of each of them. Traditionally, reporters say their name, then the network. Over the years, Farrier built this into a quickfire falsetto - "David Farrier ... 3 NEWS!" - that sounded like a chipmunk on helium. That's what we'll miss the most.

* David Farrier's new film Tickled premieres at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend.

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