Most people might jump at the chance of entertaining a famous pop star over dinner.

But for one Kiwi housewife, serving up tea to a young David Bowie was just a bit too much.

In 1978, Bowie travelled to Australia and New Zealand as part of his Station To Station tour.

Christchurch man Aaron Hogg was only a boy then, but vividly remembers his father, Gary Hogg, who worked for a recording label at the time, picking up the singer-songwriter for a spot of sightseeing.


"When David Bowie came to Christchurch in 1978 for his Station to Station tour, my dad -- who worked for RCA Records at the time -- was tasked with showing him around.

"He took me and my sister in his Holden station wagon to pick him and a member of his entourage up from a hotel then took them to Akaroa."

Mr Hogg said later that evening, his father phoned his mother, Linda Hogg, saying Bowie was wanting to join them at home for dinner.

"My mum refused. She was too embarrassed about our ownership flat in New Brighton," he said.

"That story has always been the perfect shut-down to any cringe-worthy tales mum wheeled out about us at family gatherings."

Aaron Hogg shared the memory in a poignant tribute to Bowie. Photo / Facebook
Aaron Hogg shared the memory in a poignant tribute to Bowie. Photo / Facebook

Mr Hogg shared the memory in a poignant tribute to Bowie, who died of cancer this week, on his Facebook page.

Dozens of people have commented on the post; thanking Mr Hogg for sharing the story, which one dubbed an "incredible" memory.

Another friend wrote: "Great story and perfectly reflects your parents' personality -- Gary very low key and Linda concerned with things perfect!"

Mr Hogg's father passed away last year.

Ending his tribute, he said: "Makes me feel sad, nostalgic and more than a little old to think that the two main characters in an event I can remember so vividly from my childhood have gone."