Actor Adam Baldwin has queried whether it's politically correct for gay men to play straight men after Aloha director Cameron Crowe was forced to apologise for casting Emma Stone as apart-Asian.

Baldwin's tongue-in-cheek remark was about shouting down social media's complaining crowd, called Social Justice Warriors (SJW).

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He posted the article in which Crowe apologised for using Stone in the role of Allison Ng, the half-Swedish, quarter-Chinese, quarter-Hawaiian love interest to actor Bradley Cooper.


"I think there are people who complain online, as a career, and for the most part they should be ignored," he told AAP.

"I think political correctness is evil."

Baldwin's tweet got several responses and he asked Twitter's Social Justice Warriors if gay men should be banned from playing straight men in movies.

"@randombalazs Likewise, has the #TheSJWBorg now forbidden gay men from portraying straight men & vice versa?"

Baldwin, who has appeared in The Bodyguard, Full Metal Jacket and The Patriot, has more than 200,000 followers on Twitter, many of whom would be fans of his cult TV series Firefly.