Former Miss World New Zealand Ella Langsford is the latest victim in the growing trend of intimate photos and videos being leaked online.

A naked selfie of the 22-year-old beauty queen, the daughter of well-known Auckland art dealer Gary Langsford, is circulating after it was shared on social media service Instagram.

It comes after third parties leaked a similar selfie of All Black Aaron Smith, and a video of Warriors' player Konrad Hurrell and Shortland Street star Teuila Blakely engaging in a sex act.

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Spy has noticed the social media over-sharing craze is spreading into the bedroom, with the posting of intimate moments that should really be kept private. We've had many such photos sent to our offices, and our message is simple. The only way to avoid such embarrassment is to not take nude selfies. It will come back on you!


Langsford declined to comment. Spy understands she is beyond despair at the photo going viral and is taking time out with a trip to Europe.

Miss World New Zealand franchise holder Desmond Foulger said Langsford told him she gave the selfie to a former boyfriend when they were dating. Somehow the picture made it on to Instagram for 20 minutes - long enough to be screen-captured and shared. Foulger had no time for such behaviour - "It's straight out cyber bullying" - and said the incident did not reflect badly on the pageant.

Langsford, a university student from Ponsonby, was crowned Miss World New Zealand last year and finished in the top 20 at the Miss World finals.

Blakely told Spy she empathised with Langsford. "When people breach someone's privacy in this way, their only intention is to hurt and humiliate the person concerned, which is incredibly sad."

She urged Langsford to focus on those who loved, supported and were there to protect her.

"You can never control what other people do or say but you do have control over whether you let it get to you or not.

"This is an unfortunate situation for anyone to find themselves in but it is possible to get though it positively."

Amber D and Lorde.

Heroine Lorde

Lorde takes criticism like a trooper. In fact, the way she treats her critics is reminiscent of that other wide-slack-pants wearing heroine Katherine Hepburn.

Just take her, "I enjoyed it. I had a good time. That's all that mattered" retort to wannabe Aussie rival Iggy Azalea's criticism that she wasn't the right person to perform at the Kurt Cobain tribute concert at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction concert.

The day the spat hit the media, she went on to make an industry-only appearance at the MAC store at Britomart to celebrate the launch of the Royal's Limited Edition Makeup Collection.

That night, Kiwi beauty and fashion media went to the store to view the range and were crossing fingers for a surprise appearance by the pop star, given Australian media had seen her earlier.

Sadly, she didn't make it, but MAC senior stylist Amber Dreadon, aka Amber D, who travels with Lorde, shared a few "on the road" anecdotes.

Two of Spy's favourites: An in-joke in the singer's circle is how Beyonce always seems to open for Lorde - first the Grammys and then the Brits; and when the teen queen fidgets and shuffles in the makeup chair, her makeup artist threatens her with Amy Winehouse eye makeup.

MAC launches the purple, $40 Pure Heroine, lipstick today and there are already waiting lists for it at some Auckland stores.

Radio Ga Ga for TV

It seems the battle of the radio waves is moving to television as rival stations ZM and the Edge both launched new television channels last week.

Both stations are dedicated to their radio network and media fan base. ZM is on Sky's Juice, channel 112, from 4-6pm every weekday. The Edge is on channel 114 throughout the day, and both include shows within shows.

One of ZM's is called Best Bits, which has already been called a "cash-in" of the TV One show of the same name, which features ZM Morning host Vaughan Smith.

The Edge has a show called the Fat 40, which has drawn snarky suggestions it refers to the ageing Edge stars.

Will Jay-Jay Feeney, Mike Puru and Dom Harvey get their gear off on television for ratings? Will Carl Fletcher, Vaughan Smith and Megan Sellars have an orgy?

The mind boggles.

Cameron Slater. Photo / Doug Sherring

Hunt or be Hunted

Blogger Cameron Slater, aka WhaleOil, who has a sharp eye for a target, is also a keen hunter of the animal kind of prey. And speculation is mounting that next month he will be joined by America's most famous duck hunter, Phil Robertson, the controversial patriarch of hit TV show Duck Dynasty.

The pair are said to be going on safari in the central North Island.

For Kiwis not familiar with Robertson and his clan, GQ magazine fills in the blanks. In an article entitled "What the Duck?" it asked how the squirrel-eating, Bible-thumping, catchphrase-spouting duck hunters have become the biggest TV stars in America.

Robertson made international headlines for homophobic comments in the interview, which resulted in a tumultuous end to the show's fourth season.

So what have the blogger and the man from Louisiana in common? Politics, of course. Since enchanting the US far right, Robertson is a favourite of many Republicans, and was a speaker at their Leadership Conference
last month.

The Camel Toes.

Kiwi Legends: The Beatles and The Camel Toes

Muso Mike Chunn organised two Beatles tribute concerts this week to mark the 50th anniversary of the Beatles playing at the Auckland Town Hall. The charity concert, A Strange Day's Night, raised money for the former Split Enz member's charity, Play It Strange.

Those performing included Don McGlashan (The Mutton Birds), Fiona McDonald, (Headless Chickens) and Tim Finn (Split Enz). But it was the second half opening act, The Camel Toes, that stole the show for Spy.

We got quite a surprise seeing former cricket star Dion Nash and marketing guru Geoff Ross playing the guitar, former All Black Craig Innes on the drums and UBS Investment Bank boss, Nicholas Ross singing Hey Jude. Very well, we might add. They were joined by their music teacher Hamish Gee, former Feelers drummer, who changed up his drum playing for the bass to help the boys along with their debut.

The Camel Toes were taken aback by the screaming and knicker-throwing fans they left behind in the Town Hall.

Nash told Spy: "We nearly had kittens during the sound check with all the real musicians rehearsing around us. This was our first big gig, we have played the Masterton Town Hall and the Taupo backpackers, where all the German tourists went to the back of the room."

Watch this space for future gigs.

Anna Jobsz.

Single mother about town

Spy has loved seeing one of our favourite girls about town, Anna Jobsz, blossom into motherhood after the birth last October of beautiful baby son Carlo.

Jobsz is raising her son on her own, and this week says she was mistakenly named in a newspaper advertisement seeking a parenting order against the baby's father. She said it was an error by her lawyers, and the advertisement was about another case, not hers.

Spy understands that Jobsz's proceedings are a formality as part of the paternity process, and her relationship with the baby's father is amicable.