It's billed as a science-fiction version of Groundhog Day, but critics say there's nothing repetitive or boring about Tom Cruise's new blockbuster.

In one of The Edge of Tomorrow's many positive reviews, Empire magazine calls it "a playful and frantic sci-fi twister" that offers something fresh and thrilling to the genre. It gave it four stars out of five.

That's an opinion mirrored by many of the reviewers aggregated on Rotten Tomatoes, where Tomorrow has amassed a 95 per cent approval rating after 19 reviews. The Daily Star says Tomorrow's lacklustre promotion is a shame, as "it's an absolute belter. Witty, clever, thrilling -- it could easily be the blockbuster of the year".

Perhaps the most positive review comes from It gives it 4.5 stars, praises Cruise's performance as "a total package" and says "Simply put, this is why we go to the movies.


"It positively pulses with adrenaline, reflected in its powerful performances, clever cuts and its fluid yet exhilarating cinematography that weaves around heroes, explosions, and spiralling space monsters. Edge of Tomorrow will leave you breathless and grinning."

Cruise's performance is also singled out by Jam! Movies, in a review which quips: "Is it possible we owe Tom Cruise a collective apology?"

One of the only negative reviews comes from The Hollywood Reporter, with critic Todd McCarthy calling the film's finale "dramatically unconvincing and visually murky ... Although the humour helps, the Groundhog Day-like repetition gets tedious; it makes you feel more like a hamster than a groundhog -- or rather a hamster's wheel, going round and round, over and over again," he says.

- TimeOut