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The Diary: Why Auckland is such a really Super City

The Diary invited some famous Kiwis to share what the city means to them.

Beth Allen says New Lynn is the place to get anything fixed. Photo / Supplied
Beth Allen says New Lynn is the place to get anything fixed. Photo / Supplied

Jesse Mulligan, Seven Sharp anchor

If you want to work in media, you need to be in Auckland - take it from the guy who spent eight years in Wellington waiting to be "discovered".

While you're emailing your CV to producers from some Cuba St internet cafe, there are 50 Aucklanders ahead of you in the queue thanks to the face time they're getting at Ponsonby Food Court.

And your problems aren't over when you move here. Auckland has no gates but there are plenty of fences. Networks are dominated by social circles forged at primary school. The locals have enough friends: nobody's hiring.

But those of us who moved here from the provinces have the edge. We work for everything, and we know how to fight back against failure. Auckland is the city of dreams, but living the dream works better when dreamland isn't the only world you've ever known.

Beth Allen, Shortland St actor

The old and industrious suburb of New Lynn is full of what my dad calls 'little men' - excellent fix-it guys and specialty businesses that you use once in a while but would be lost without. Watch-fixers, for example. A guy who only sells TV brackets. Another guy who knows a lot about making rugs out of carpet off-cuts. I love those guys.

Hayley Holt, More FM/Crowd Goes Wild presenter

Auckland is a village dressed up as a city. A very beautiful city, where you can be in a cafe in town one minute, then on your way to a sparkling beach on the Shore the next. That's if you can get there safely. Auckland has its very own sport- competitive, everyday driving.

Aucklanders love their gluten-free, dairy-free, organic, free-range, fair trade groceries. And they also like to get a bit hammered and then eat at the White Lady. Auckland sometimes just can't make up its mind and that's why I love it.

Hon Maurice Williamson MP, tipped to run for Auckland mayoralty

Auckland is my place of birth. It's the city I chose to come back to after my family moved to Waikato to go farming. I had a choice when working with the airlines to live just about anywhere, but Auckland was the place that brought me back. It has a magic quality about it - from the two harbours, the facilities, the layout and the people.

In recent decades it has become a world-class city and has a distinct multicultural element to it.

Auckland is as special as you could ever wish for. I love the place.

Duncan Garner, 3rd Degree host/RadioLive broadcaster

As beautiful as it is, Auckland has been screwed by decades of flaky, toss-pot politicians. They have hugely under-invested in this beautiful city. Now the aching headache just won't go away.

Auckland needs a massive volcanic eruption - with no deaths. It needs to start again with a gigantic insurance payout, because no one in power can agree on who should pay for the future.

So, build two harbour crossings, a waterfront stadium, a train from the airport through town and across to the Shore, a cycleway over one of the bridges and a CBD rail tunnel. And if the politicians can deliver on building 39,000 new houses over the next three years, then I'll seriously eat any hat Len Brown gives me.

DJ Sandon James, Sweet Mix Kids

Remember that girlfriend you cheated on in the '90s who's now out of your league? Her name is Auckland, and she's doing well, thanks for asking. This city is growing artistically, culturally, musically and fashionably. At times quicker than we can keep up. And we're all guilty of not keeping up, looking abroad and following trends that are regularly followed from us. If we could just get over the tall-poppy thing, we could all sit about in good cafes, listen to Lorde and tweet how much we love one another.

Sir John Kirwan, Auckland Blues coach

Auckland is the greatest city in the world. You can have tan-tan in Mt Eden, which are some of the best noodles I've ever had. Or you can walk over a volcano, which I flew over just the other day. The other week I was out in the Waitakere ranges and it's like living in the forest. And if you carry on further, you can go surfing at the beach.

Where I live, around the waterfront, there's just this beautiful ocean five minutes away from the central city. For me, Auckland's got everything.

It's probably the best multicultural, multiracial place you can live. It's very accepting towards other ethnic groups, and I think that's its beauty.

Auckland has everything you need - but it's still quite quaint. So, if you lived in New York you'd come here and think this is a big city but it's still nice and quiet.

That's pretty much what I know about Auckland. It's more of a feel than facts.

Dom Harvey, The Edge host

I moved from Palmerston North 12 years ago and cried as I drove out of town with my car chock full of furniture. I must have been a pretty tragic sight. I still have a soft spot for Palmy, but Auckland is home now. I love the place. And there are very few purebred Aucklanders. Most people have moved from somewhere else.

Mikey Havoc, Hauraki host

Heaps of volcanoes. Lots of great gigs lately.

Beaches galore. Is on an isthmus. Is a Super City, apparently.

Drinks too much.

Can often be the coolest, most beautiful, inspiring place in the world.

- NZ Herald

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