TV3 has announced that Inside New Zealand will be returning to screens on Thursday, July 19 with an impressive sounding line-up of local documentaries, and TimeOut gets a sneak peek at the first four.

Kicking things off is highly acclaimed film Brother Number One. If you missed it when it screened in theatres, now is your chance to catch this astounding and heart-rending tale of free-spirited yachtsman Kerry Hamill, who was captured and executed by the Khmer Rouge in 1978.

More than 30 years later, his brother, Olympic rower Rob Hamill, participates in the War Crimes Tribunal process and heads to Cambodia to try to come to terms with his brother's death. Director Annie Goldson documents the physical and emotional journey with great sensitivity.

Inside Tattooing follows on July 26, a unique portrait of prison tattooing in New Zealand, investigating the stories behind these striking and often confrontational symbols.


On August 2 they will present The Price of Fish, delving into the declining world of the New Zealand domestic fishing fleet. Film maker Guye Henderson looks at how Russian and Korean factory trawlers are plundering New Zealand waters, paid by New Zealand companies to do so, and looks at allegations of deliberate over-fishing, doctored catch reports, illegal dumping and the mistreatment of Indonesian crews.

Nazi Hunter screens on August 9, a portrait of Wayne Stringer, our local Nazi hunter who investigated 47 "displaced persons" who originally came to New Zealand at the end of World War II.

- TimeOut