Songbird Pink has taken potshots at Chris Brown, accusing him of lip-syncing during his performance at the Billboard Music Awards.

The So What singer and her husband Carey Hart took to their respective Twitter accounts to slam Brown's dance-heavy performance of Turn Up the Music during the awards ceremony.

"One day if i lipsync i hope i do it as well as him..." chimed Pink after the R&B star's stage rendition of the track.



Her motocross racer husband also critiqued Brown's BMX-themed performance, and compared it to Pink's 2010 performance of Raise Your Glass at the American Music Awards.

"Im pretty sure I saw my wife did that same performance, but she was 3 months pregnant and actually sang the song," he sniped.

Hart promptly incurred the wrath of Katy Perry fans, who assumed he was trashing their idol's aerial performance at the BMAs.

Perry belted out a rendition of Wide Awake, while suspended in a swing - somewhat reminiscent of Pink's aerial acrobatics at the 2010 Grammys.

"I love twitter!" Hart added. "To clarify I was talkin trash bout CB performance, 2 years ago my wife had the same set and actually sang Raise ur Glass.

"Looks like someone else's fans got a bit wound up! Funny, that performance looked real familiar to."

Added Pink: "For the record; i luv me some Katy, so y'all can jump off that run away train, k? i stand behind, always have and always will, LIVE SINGING."

Joe Jonas also stuck his oar in. "What happened to people singing live???" he asked on Twitter.

Over to you, Breezy...

Check out Chris Brown's Billboard Music Awards performance below:

Watch Pink perform Raise Your Glass at the 2010 American Music Awards:

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