Sunday DIY: Ready for a rainy day

By Greig Morgan

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Greig Morgan has the perfect storage solution to keep DVDs in order

This easy-to-make DVD rack will help to keep home-entertainment clutter to a minimum. Photo / Michael Craig
This easy-to-make DVD rack will help to keep home-entertainment clutter to a minimum. Photo / Michael Craig

Movies can be a great way to keep the kids occupied, and there's nothing like a DVD on a rainy day. But without a sensible storage solution, those little discs and their plastic cases can be the bane of a parent's life. This cute DVD holder provides the ideal place to store movies out of the way when they're not being watched, while keeping them on display, ready for selection.

Step 1 - Sketch or trace a shape with a theme to suit your child's interests on a sheet of MDF. I chose a car for this project.

Step 2 - Use a jig saw to cut out two identical shapes, cutting on the waste side of the lines.

Step 3 - Use sandpaper to remove the jig saw cut marks and smooth the sharp edges.

Step 4 - Work out how long and high you want your holder to be by stacking your DVDs, then allowing 10mm extra for ease of placement.

Step 5 - Mark the length and height on your MDF, using a square as a guide, then cut out the two rectangular shapes on the waste side of the pencil lines. Remove saw marks and sharp edges with sandpaper.

Step 6 - Make a V shape with the two pieces by fixing the bottom edges flush together with glue and screws.

Step 7 - Mark the V shape in position between the two outer shapes, then fix to the shapes with glue and screws, counter-sinking the screws just below the surface.

Step 8 - Use a putty knife to apply enough putty to fill the screw holes. Wait until dry, then sand smooth ready for painting (for best results, follow the instructions on the putty container).

• 12mm MDF
• 32mm screws
• Wood glue
• Wood filler
• 150 grit sandpaper
• Paint

• Pencil
• Handsaw
• Tape measure
• Square
• Jigsaw
• Screw gun
• Paintbrush/speed brush
• Putty knife
• Protective gear

If using a variety of coloured paints, paint the components before fixing together.

- Herald on Sunday

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