Today marks New Zealand's 100th medal at the Olympic Games. Click through our interactive timeline above to find out more about how New Zealand fared the Olympics throughout the years.

20 NZ Olympic moments:
No. 1, Snell, Halberg's golden double
No. 2, Snell lights up cinders at Tokyo
No. 3, 'Come on, Jack ... He wins'
No. 4, Super-athlete's gold raised bar
No. 5, Hearts race in triathlon one two finish
No. 6: Lung bursting pain Ulmer's lasting memory
No. 7, 'Quiet assassin' set swimming world on fire
No. 8, National anthem moved crowd to tears
No. 9, The Aucklander who owned the stadium
No. 10, Ferg and Macca, medal-winning machine
No. 11, 'That's Todd for two and two for Todd'
No 12, Walker's 1500m gold keeps up proud Kiwi tradition
No. 13, Golden girls' double won in split second
No. 14, Goalie wins gold with smashed kneecap
No. 15, Barbara Kendall wins gold
No. 17, Waddell overcomes heart ailment for gold
No. 18, Southpaw fought off pain to take gold in Amsterdam
No. 19, Race was only half the battle for Coutts
No. 20, Kevin Barry 'beats' Evander Holyfield