Urban farming is a blossoming phenomenon and this article explains the benefits it has had in the United States for reinvigorating small communities, rehabilitating ex-prison inmates and creating volunteer-based community gardens.

In response to the increasingly expensive rental prices in China, Dai Haifei has designed an egg-shaped mobile home. It is made from woven bamboo, with living grass insulation, a bed, two wheels and a solar panel. Could this design hatch a new wave of down-sized living?

London's proverbial black cabs will have to upgrade under the plans of mayor Boris Johnson. In 2012 any taxis more than 15 years old will not be issued licences and all new taxis must be electric. 80 per cent of central London's air pollution is attributed to vehicles.

If you think the pressure to do your part for the planet is too much, have you given much thought to cleaning up low Earth orbit space as well? The space debris poses a potential hazard to manned space missions and satellites, and a new report proposes setting up a Superfund that will hold space polluters accountable for their waste, much like polluters down on earth.