1. Madonna

is 53 years old. She's freaking 53! I don't know what you're planning on doing at that age, but it probably isn't this. The singer cavorts with what

Rolling Stone

magazine calls "naked, ultra-sculpted hunks" in her sexually-charged black-and-white video for new single


Girl Gone Wild

, but that's only the half of it. Rest assured, this is not safe for work. (


2. If you've been dreaming of the day that someone with way too much time on their hands compiled every Itchy and Scratchy cartoon from The Simpsons in one gigantic collection, you're in luck. Check out all 48 minutes of The Itchy and Scratchy Show madness - but make sure there are no fireworks or meat cleavers nearby. You might be in the mood for carnage by the end. (Mentalfloss.com)

3. Wondering how MIA managed to drift around in cars on two wheels in that incredible Bad Girls video? Here's the 13-minute making-of feature. And there's not a middle finger in sight. (TheStrut.com)

4. If you liked the Paranormal Activity series, you're going to love this. Check out the new trailer for Chernobyl Diaries, a horror that will introduce you to the joys of "extreme tourism". I remember when that used to mean a bottle of Mountain Dew and a bungy jump. (Apple)

5. So you've seen the new Prometheus trailer. But have you seen the iMax trailer? And the Peter Weyland viral video? Oh yep, all of those huh? So what about the David 8 ad? Okay, I'll stop talking about Prometheus now for at least five minutes. (Grantland)

6. New Music Alert: Check out Beck's new song Looking For a Sign, Norah Jones' minimalist Travelin' On and Quakers' Smoke, a hip-hop side-project by Portishead's Geoff Barrow.

7. As you'd expect from a band like Cairo Knife Fight, they're into things that are just a little bit more bloody and brutal than everyone else. Here's the bloodthirsty new video for Violence of Action, not coming soon to a music channel near you. (YouTube)

8. Patty Schemel used to be the drummer for Courtney Love's band Hole. She filmed everything she saw during her time in the band, and got some amazing stuff on camera. That footage has been turned into the film Hit So Hard, out in April, and you can watch the trailer now. (Apple)

9. Parks and Recreation's Aziz Ansari is doing a Louis CK and releasing a stand-up show for $5 on the web. Here's the promo for it. Don't use all your laughing up on it, cos the special is a whole hour long. (YouTube)

10. The less you know about the trailer for this film the better, so just head over to Apple and watch it. Or don't. You've already seen nine awesome things, so I realise 10 is pushing it. On the other hand, what's another one? (Apple)

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