People with Xtra and Yahoo email accounts may be experiencing difficulty accessing their emails today.

Spark confirmed the Xtra and Yahoo email services was experiencing problems today for customers accessing their inboxes with a third party provider, like Outlook or a mail app on their phone. All customers can instead access their mail at, Spark said.


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We've been informed that some customers may be experiencing problems sending or receiving Yahoo! Xtra email since early this morning when they use a third party email client, such as Outlook.

You can still access Yahoo! Mail using webmail at

Our techs are currently working on this issue and are aiming to have it sorted as soon as possible. We're sorry for the hassle this may have caused.

Spark announced in September it would be moving its Xtra email service to New Zealand-owned email provider SMX from Yahoo.

The glitch experienced by some customers today was unrelated to the data migration, which begins next year.


Customers who use email addresses have to give Spark permission to move their data to the new platform before tomorrow or lose their data.

Email addresses won't need to be changed.

SMX is based in Auckland and rich lister Sam Morgan is one of its major shareholders.