A new survey has found that more than half of New Zealanders want guidance from their employers when it comes to what they wear to work.

The survey, conducted by Survey Sampling International (SSI) on behalf of the Seek job website, revealed that 57 per cent of the 4000 people approached said they believed that a company should provide a dress code.

However, that contradicted the 32 per cent who felt their current workplace dress code didn't allow them to express their personality and personal style.

Other findings from the survey included that the most common dress codes in New Zealand were uniforms and casual/informal dress, both at 23 per cent.


For those wanting to get ahead at work, nearly a third of those questioned believed their workplace attire made a difference to gaining respect in the workplace, and helped them present themselves in a professional manner.

"When it comes to career progression and promotions, 29 per cent of people in New Zealand believe what they wear to work does make an impact," Seek New Zealand general manager Janet Faulding said.

Just over one in three people (37 per cent) said they felt what they wore to work made a difference to how motivated they were and how well they performed.