New Zealand manuka honey is being kept in locked hard cases in Melbourne supermarkets to deter thieves.

The top-of-the-line Bee Products Manuka Honey (retailing in Australia for $23.49 a jar) could land shoplifters in a sticky-situation with its tough security measures.

Woolworths in Preston, in Melbourne's north, have secured pots of the honey to deter sweet-toothed thieves.

The honey is touted as having antibacterial properties and is known for its hefty price tag.


In the same store shoppers will also need to battle the security cases when buying some brands of beauty products or batteries.

Across the road at the Preston Market ALDI it's a case of the more security the merrier, with lid locks clamped on bottles of spirits which are also locked away in individual security cases.

At the Summerhill Shopping Centre Kmart in Reservoir Cadbury chocolates have not returned to shelves since being removed following Preston Leader's story.

The store has also employed its tough tactics on batteries and printer ink cartridges, which are kept in security cases to be unlocked at the counter.

Block-headed shoplifters targeting Lego sets at the store are also in for a tough time, with security locks attached to a number of boxes with prices ranging from $35 to $125.

Woolworths spokesman Craig Simonetto said the supermarket chain wasn't in a position to comment on security measures for individual products or stores.

"Woolworths has a range of security measures in place to prevent stock loss," he said.

ALDI and Kmart have been approached for comment.