A growing number of people say they are frustrated and annoyed with telecommunications provider Chorus after going without phone or internet for considerable periods of time.

Homeowners across Auckland have contacted the Herald with complaints of damage following our story of peeved locals in the Auckland neighbourhood of Whenuapai who have suffered substandard access to phone or internet for six weeks.

A group of South Auckland residents are among home dwellers in Glen Innes, West Harbour, Henderson and Northcross who expressed to the Herald they have no - or limited access to phone or internet.

Colleen Steers of Orere Point, South Auckland told the Herald her phone line has been out since Monday last week.


"Some of the lines have been fixed, but not all of them. When I called Chorus to report it they told me they haven't had any faults reported, but another neighbour had called and told them before I did. They called me back to say the phone lines were on, but they weren't at all. I've been having my phone calls redirected to my mobile.

"All we've been told is that the lines will be back up and running in a 'little while' but they haven't been able to give us any dates or times."

She said she is worried for the many elderly people in her area who do not have cellphones and their ability to access an ambulance.

She estimates up to 20 other houses are effected in her area after speaking with other neighbours.

A neighbour, Robyn Parrey, pays bills by phone and now must travel to a friend's house to pay her bills, not wanting to use extra credit on her cellphone.

Mrs Parrey believes it could be many more affected.

She has been told four times it will be fixed to no avail.

Chorus said they are investigating the issues within the neighbourhood.

An importing and exporting business owner in Henderson, Richard Stewart, said "My business in Henderson is now in the sixth week with no phone. This is unacceptable and Chorus are entirely to blame. I am unable to be in communication with customs and exporters and which is incredibly frustrating."

Mr Stewart said he has to return to his home, which does have internet, in order to check and send emails.

After to-ing and fro-ing between Vodafone and Chorus, he is calling for someone to take responsibility.

One man who asked not to be named said "No landline or internet since 6th July. No resolution in sight."

He said the impact is bringing two businesses to a halt.

The complaints join others surrounding substandard practice as Chorus administers the new fibre-optic roll out.

Ian Douglas says he regrets moving his family to Riverhead as they have been unable to connect to the ultra-fast broadband, in an area with no copper cables, since the move in January.

"We have been waiting nearly seven months for chorus to repair. This service is ridiculous we have complained to Chorus, Vision Stream and Vodafone, with only Vodafone attempting to help."

Mr Douglas said the lack of internet is affecting his business.

"I manage a company which all contact and planning is done via email meaning I'm having to leave for work in the city 30-45 minutes early in the morning and stay after work late to plan days for workers which I should be able to do from home, I have tried hot spotting from mobile to laptop but mobile coverage out there is poor. If we knew this would be the case we would never have moved out to Riverhead."

Mr Douglas says his teenage daughter who is in her first year of high school relies on the internet for school assignments, leaving her to research on the Douglas' phones.

Chorus said the issues lie within a blockage.

A spokesperson from the office of Communications Minister Amy Adams told the Herald: "This is a disappointing situation which Chorus has recognised, and we'll be raising it with them."

Concerns were raised when residents along Pohutukawa Rd and Waimarie Rd in the Auckland suburb of Whenuapai claimed they were cut off, or had limited access to phone or internet for six weeks.